Fraud Detection and Prevention

Detect, mitigate and prevent online fraud to minimize losses, maximize profits and control costs.

Deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to maintain over 17,200+ risk-based fraud rules, FraudGrade can detect fraudsters quicker than any other traditional fraudulent review methods. Requiring only an email address and ip address to perform a fraud review, you can fully assess the risk associated with any customer before they can even finish typing their billing details.

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Detect and Prevent Online Fraud


Fraud Detection

FraudGrade is the world's first one-size-fits-all solution to online fraud. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately assess the risk related to any potential online customer world-wide on desktop, mobile apps, and mobile browsers.

With each transaction processed, the fraud rules learn from your sales and become more intelligent to tailor to your specific usage.

Maximum Flexibility

Online Fraud Risk is Measurable

FraudGrade deploys over 17,200+ risk-based fraud rules with a combination of Email Address Validation, IP Address Validation, Domain Validation, Phone Number Validation, Proprietary Data, and Merchant Data to evaluate customers for indicators of fraud. The combined logic of all fraud rules and data validation provides a powerful and highly effective defense against online fraud which can be seamlessly integrated with any online business.

Email Address Fraud Incidents

Filter merchant data to check if the email has ever been associated with a confirmed fraudulent transaction.

Email Address Existence

Determine if the mailbox actually exists and can receive email or if it's fake.

Email Address Quality

Determine if the email is a disposable address, is blacklisted, and many more fraud risks.

Email Address

A sophisticated but extremely accurate method to assess risk of online fraud.

IP Address

A method which requires big data and is proven to successfully assist in determining fraudulent behavior.

IP Address Anonymizer

Quickly detect if a user is behind a proxy, vpn, tor exit node, or blacklisted.

IP Address Location

Providing City, State, Country, and even lattitude/longitude to pinpont the user in question.

IP Address Fraud Indicents

Filter merchant data to check if the IP has ever been associated with a confirmed fraudulent transaction.

Proprietary Big Data

Over 17,200+ fraud rules that have been generated by screening millions of transactions.

Merchant Big Data

Working with thousands of merchants, we have accumulated the largest list of fraudsters online.


A useful method to assist in the precise detection of fraudsters using custom email domains.

Automated Reliable Fraud Management

Minimize Fraud, Maximize Profit, Control Cost.

We process thousands of transactions every single day. If we didn't use FraudGrade to assist with risk management, we would need a team of at least 20 people instead of just 2.
James Desmond
Senior Risk Manager, Trackalytics
James Desmond


Simple Pricing

FraudGrade is the most cost-effective fraud detection and prevention solution online. Unlike some services which require a minimum of $1,000 a month or others that charge up to 10% of the sale value, FraudGrade is affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

Fraud Review Domain Validation Email Validation IP Validation Phone Validation
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